Our first half of our trip

Our Second half of the trip

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Final post: Thanks to you all!!!

Hello there, our final post will be in English as you might have noticed, because it is mainly aimed at all the persons that we met in Canada and the US and that were so kind to us. And Dutch people can read English anyway :P

For those that worry: no need, we are still allive and have even landed safely in Amsterdam two days ago. A lot of sleep later we are among the living again and we can finish our blog :):)

From Ottawa, where we visited the museum of Civilisation(Native Americans) and the Nature Museum (Dino's) we contacted via AmigoExpress a person that would drive to Montreal and was looking for company. Fortunatly our bagage fitted in the small car, and our last car-trip had begun! Not much conversation though, for he was french-speaking and the weeks in 'English territory' had hidden my french knowledge again a little bit, but we were tired anyway.
Dropped off at a metro-station, and a quite good Lebanese road-diner-thing, we arrived an hour or so later at Patrick's store. A happy reunion, and a long night soon followed.
Next morning pancakes with fruit were ready for us and we decided to go on bixies (public bikes) to the museum of contemporary art, where a guard started flirting with me (R) and asked whether I wanted to get rid of B... Well... No. The exhibition was nice though.
We had time left but decided to go to the Spanish restaurant where we would meet Patrick and Aubi anyway. They wanted to hear all our stories and talking and tapas prooved a good combination. A bike ride back (wonderful for us feeling home) through the rain (less wonderfull nostalgia) and the day was gone.

Next day our exhibition-fever wasn't over because we heard that Bodies (you know, the very controversial conserved Chinese bodies) was in Montreal. With double feelings we went there, because isn't it unethical to watch these people whom family was never found?? But oh so interesting, and that part won.
A few hours later we stepped outside, with a bit of an information-overload. We came by a very good tiny Japanese restaurant, quite emtpy but then we discovered it opened in ten minutes, so we waited. We got in, were given a table and POOF it was full. FULL everywhere, a line till outside and people waited hours to get in!! And the food was SO good!!! Kazu on St. Catherin Street if you're in the neighbourhood. No reservations..
The day finished with the movie The other guys, we had fun but had to sprint to the cinema to be in time :P

The last day we wanted to do something back so we worked in the store, filling bags with all kinds of herbs and listening to relaxing music. That evening, tatatataaa our plane was leaving! Metro-bus-bus and we were at the airport. Funny always how difficult it can be to enter a country, but if you want to leave it? No problem!
Not a lot of sleep, but hey we were going home where a bed waited (and my parents), but the journey was over... What a wonderful journey though, wouw.
Short stop in London and we were in Amsterdam! Quite soon Bjarni discovered my parents jumping and waving, and yeeeeey we were home! Fell asleep in the car, couldn't care less haha, let them drive us.

So here we are, Bjarni's work has started again, my internship starts in a week, and slowly we get accustomed to the fact that now everyone can understand you in the supermarket and on the street.. Oh well, better learn a new language then :P:P
See you around!!!

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